ImageWith Cape Point Derivatives' passion for trading, combined with talent, discipline and true motivation we look to expand our traders market knowledge in order to maximize their performance. That's why we're always looking to welcome new and seasoned traders. We believe there's no better path to success than to learn from the experience of our seasoned traders- a combination of fundamental technical analysis with exposure to our traders' vast range of strategic approaches.  If you are an experienced trader and would like to know more about our service and market offerings please email us with your CV to  If you are new to trading and would like to pursue a career as a trader please continue reading.

Become a Fully Backed Trader

Cape Point Derivatives in Cape Town are excited to offer the opportunity to become a fully backed trader. We have partnered with the international brokerage firm, Basis Capital Markets,, so as to offer a world class education program and a unique opportunity in South Africa; to become a fully backed Financial Market Proprietary Trader, focussing on FX, futures and derivative markets.

The education program itself is developed and run by Bob Iaccino and Mike Arnold. Along with Mr. Arnold, Bob is the Co-founder and Chief Market Strategist at Path Trading Partners in Chicago and former Chief Market Strategist at Tethys Partners, also in Chicago. He been a bank trader and hedge fund principal and has been featured on CNBC, CNBC Asia, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Radio, CNN, CNN International, CNN Moneyline, Fox News and Fox Business, BNN Canada, Phoenix TV China, Stockvoice Japan as well as local broadcasts domestically. He continues to appear in market interviews regularly.

Mike began his career at the CBOE and the Chicago Stock Exchange where he assisted in the creation of models and automation of delta hedging strategies for the firm. Additionally, Mike worked on the trading floors of the CBOT, CME and the Swiss Futures and Options Exchange products. Over the course of his career, Mike has trained thousands of individual traders as well as institutional traders at multi strategy hedge funds and global banks in statistical arbitrage, pairs trading, technical analysis and options trading and analysis. Mike is currently Head of Trading Systems and Technology at Path Trading Partners and also does IT consulting work for financial firms.

Bob and Mike have a combined 50 years of market experience, and have spent the past 15 years fully developing the educational content of the course we are offering. The program is based over 4 sections and is designed to give the applicant a complete education in trading; from the very basics right up to the price action based proprietary models used to give our trade signals. Each section of the course is tested, and must be passed before moving onto the next section. Following the successful completion of the educational program, the candidates will be assessed on a live market simulator - using bespoke algorithms - to ascertain whether they have the required capabilities to become a fully backed trader.

For the synopsis on the course please click here.

Those that pass the evaluation will initially be backed with USD 5,000, which will rise to as much as USD 100,000 as the trader develops and progresses. There is a charge relating to the educational program and evaluation of USD 1,500 which has to be provided by the candidate before training commences.

Should you wish to start the course and your journey to becoming a fully backed trader you can sign up and begin the course here    Please note if you would like a desk space at no extra cost, in our Cape Town office to study the course and perform the evaluation please contact us at to confirm desk availability and start dates.  We highly recommend performing the evaluation from our office to experience a trading room environment and to have the best possible infrastructure.